The Revenue Marketing Team

Our training program to equip B2B marketing professionals to succeed in delivering business outcomes.

Marketing training purpose-built for B2B marketing teams

Equip your marketing team with the knowledge & skills required to drive revenue growth in a B2B environment.

The Revenue Marketer program is a 12-week program designed to equip B2B marketing professionals & teams with the knowledge & skills required to succeed in delivering business outcomes.

Through a combination of online live training, e-learning, and 1:1 coaching, the program delivers a 100% virtual development journey that guides people forward toward and fits professional development into their everyday work-life.

This is the outcome of the training program:

  • Shared team understanding of what B2B marketing is and how it is ideally done
  • Ability to convert business strategy & priorities into marketing initiatives & resource allocation
  • Ability to effectively gather right information required to develop & deploy succesfull marketing initiatives
  • Ability to develop & deploy full-funnel revenue programs, aligned to targeted buyer journeys
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Marketing skills for B2B teams and individuals


6 modules over 12 weeks.
E-learning, virtual training & 1-1 coaching.

Time requirements per month

4 hours for virtual training.
1 hour for 1:1 coaching.
2 hours for e-learning/self-study.
1 hour for homework
8 hours in total


€2,795 / seat (20,950DKK), excl. VAT

What our clients say

Barbara Hennekens
Marketing VP, Stibo Systems

"One of the best,
if not the best..."

“I truly think this is one of the best, if not the best marketing training I received. The topics, format with prep work, training and exercises really made sense.”

Emma Rytter Skovgaard
Marketing Manager, Auditdata

"The content was excellent..."

“The choice of topics are spot on, and the content was excellent. I would recommend it to any B2B marketers that is looking to raise their strategic game.”

Marlene R. Bucholdtz
Head of MarCom, SOS International

"Easy to implement and well delivered..."

“Really liked the program’s ability to bring structure to a B2B marketing manager’s responsibilities through concrete guidance. The course was relevant, easy to implement and well delivered”

Who the program is for and why you should attend

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The program

Module 1 (week 1-2)
Strategy, Prioritization & Resource Allocation

How to position marketing as a strategic business partner and use the Market-Game-Board to prioritize & allocate resources effectively.

Module 2 (week 3-4)
Audience Insights

How to structure insight gathering on targeted buyer segments (audiences) and put knowledge to practice in Go-To-Marketing initiatives.

Module 3 (week 5-6)
Building Full Funnel Revenue Programs

How to develop, deploy and continiously optimize on full funnel revenue programs, designed to convert business potential into business results.

Module 4 (week 7-8)
Account Based

How to build true ABM programs, targeted towards winning -or growing business with few high-value named accounts.

Module 5 (week 9-10)
Making marketing a partner to sales

How to strengthen sales & marketing collaboration and bring the two closer together in on-going operations.

Module 3 (week 11-12)
Measue & Demonstrate the value of marketing

How to measure marketing’s contribution to generating business results and communicating the value of marketing.

How the program is put together and executed

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100% digital & virtual training with personal 1:1 subject-matter expert led coaching

E-learning, Videos & Pre-study

Videos, pre-read and tests through the course platform to prepare for virtual training sessions.

Instructor Led Virtual Training

Instructor led 2-hour virtual training sessions in small teams of 8-10 people, through mix of teaching & exercises.

Homework, Quiz, Tools & Tasks

Putting tools to practice on customers after each session to embed learning into daily operations.

1:1 Coaching Sessions

Personal guidance through virtual 1:1 calls between sessions to discuss barriers to overcome and actions to do so.

B2B buyers are increasingly in need of support and guidance during more complex purchases as product complexity is increasing, and the wealth of information available is abundant.

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