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This 160-page publication reveals why half of B2B product launches fail and how to fix them. A must-read for marketing and sales leaders and commercial professionals.

Set, Build & Manage High Performing Teams in the New Era of B2B. Rethinking the traditional sales team to grow sales, efficiency & employee engagement. 

Going beyond ads and tactics to build a true commercial growth machine. We all agree that lead generation is important for bringing in new customers. So why is it so difficult?

A 90 paged step-by-step guide for commercial executives in B2B companies on how to turn their marketing function into a revenue-generating powerhouse.

+100 pages on critical development initiatives for sales & marketing leaders to win in the new B2B buying environment and how to succeed with the transformation.

+50 pages on how to know when you need sales training and how to get the most out of your investment in people development.

How premium solution providers overcome the low-cost competitor challenge through more than superior products.

Our 4-step practical approach
to unlocking your commercial AI potential in a +10 paged whitepaper.

Why most marketing content goes unused today– and how to fix it. It’s not just about getting leads – it’s about closing deals.

+20 pages on how commercial leadership set up decision-making for consistent target achievement & performance improvements.

20 pages whitepaper on how to design and build a future-fit engine for growth, collaboration, and productivity.


Listen to our podcast: "The Growth Agenda" – conversations across marketing, sales and customer success with industry leaders in B2B.

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