11. June 2024 at 10-11 AM

Account Based Marketing: 5 Cases & 5 Tips to Drive Sales in Big Accounts

Pratical tips to optimize marketing effectiveness and efficiency. In this webinar we will give you 5 ideas to boost your marketing bucks.

About the webinar

Account Based Marketing

Get inspiration and specific pointers on how to succeed with account-based marketing to win more and bigger deals in close collaboration between marketing & sales.

Activating marketing to win or grow large & important accounts in B2B. Sounds like a no-brainer – what could possibly go wrong?

Turns out, a whole lot. Our point of view is that the martech industrial complex has turned a powerful idea (one account, one market) into a confusing landscape of expensive tools. Often resulting in long account lists being turned into low-impact display advertising.

We think account-based marketing can do so much more – but that it requires the right approach and collaboration between sales & marketing.

In this webinar, we get as specific as possible, using work from 5 different account-based clients to tease out tips & examples you can use in your own plans.

You should take away a clear understanding of what account-based marketing is, what it can do, and crucially what it isn’t and CAN’T do. You will also receive examples and inspiration of what you can use in your own work, and specific models and templates you can use when getting started! 

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