How buyer enablement drives commercial results

About the webinar

June 15, 2023

B2B research shows that by the time prospective buyers is ready to engage with your business through sales reps, they are already around 60-70% through their decision-making process.

Ultimately, this means there is less time for you as a business to influence purchasing decisions. Too many companies, however, wait around too long hoping that buyers will ultimately find the proper information that piques their interest and reach out to learn more.

In modern B2B, such reactive approach is no longer sufficient for companies looking to drive revenue growth. To influence purchase decisions, it’s time to start taking an active approach, stepping in and giving prospective buyers the knowledge they need to make the right decision.

At this webinar, we’ll go deep into one of the most critical buyer enablement assets – the buyer guide – which address critical information needs across the buyer journey, and showcase how it can help support your lead generation and sales activities.



8:15 Common pitfalls to avoid in developing buyer enablement assets

8:25 Content & material to include when developing a buyers guide

8:35 Use cases & real-life results from B2B buyer guide implementation

8:45 Open Q&A and discussion

Charlotte Ramsby
Charlotte Ramsby
Senior Management Consultant