Nailing your product positioning

Getting your product positioning right, will reap effects across the full sales funnel – this is how you do it. 

About the webinar

February 6th, 2024

It is a highly powerful thing to get right, yet most companies’ product positioning is simply too weak: 

  • Too many internal variations lead to a messy output. 
  • Endless internal value proposition exercises lead to over-engineered and naval-gazing complexity.  
  • Not understanding competitive alternatives from a customer’s point of view leads to the wrong category affiliations. 
  • Misaligning positioning with your ICP’s most valuable use cases risks bringing in the wrong customers. 
  • Wrongly mixing positioning with creative ambitions compromises the depth technical, factual, and social proof points needed to convince a buyer. 
  • Involving everyone in discussions of the semantics leads to anything but a crisp and human way of saying it. 

If your sales conversations end in a battle on features, it is often a sign of having a too weak positioning in your pitch. Successfully connecting your product with buyers is hard and can potentially reset your product roadmap, the way you price, the way you sell, your choice of channels. 



  1. Unfold why product positioning can be a make-or-break thing to get right 
  2. Zoom in on what makes a great product positioning 
  3. Understand how you make the change and create grab-and-go messaging to push in both sales and marketing channels 
  4. Unfold the major pitfalls in product positioning  


Nils Lindner Koch
Nils Lindner Koch

Kvadrant Consulting