Promoting your best salespeople to managers

Promoting high-performing salespeople to sales managers is the most common way to hire new sales managers and the most likely to fail. This is how they don’t. 

About the webinar

January 30, 2024

Transitioning from individual contributor to management is filled with challenges, especially because the skills required can be very different.  

This webinar will cover the dynamics of why top sales performers may struggle when promoted to management roles, underscoring the differences between selling on your own vs. enabling others to sell more

We will cover what musicians and orchestra conductors have to do with sales, the characteristics of successful sales managers, and how to enable a successful transition from salesperson to sales manager.  

– And not least how organizations can better support high-performer sellers in embracing their new roles. 


  1. What made you a great musician won’t make you a great orchestra conductor (and what it has to do with sales) 
  2. Characteristics of successful sales managers  
  3. Enabling the successful salesperson to manager transition 
  4. Q&A  
Jeppe Andersen
Jeppe Andersen

Senior Analyst