Commercial Leadership Lounge


The focus of this commercial leadership lounge is on how commercial leaders grow digital maturity of their commercial organization, by better helping their people adopt new digitally enabled ways of working.  Sign up to attend below!

   Bredgade 20, 1260 København

     3rd of June 2022, 07.30 – 09.30  



Companies that successfully take advantage of new digital tools & technology in their commercial organization, grow revenue -and profitability 5-8x faster compared to laggards. But while most commercial leaders can easily agree that their commercial organization would benefit from greater adoption of data -and digital tools, actually getting people to adopt these is a more challenging task.  

At the heart of the problem is the fact that digitalization of sales requires changes in people’s behavior and while new tools & technology might become easier to develop and implement from a technical perspective, changing people’s attitudes and work routines remains as difficult as always.  

We will be joined by Aino Abrahamsen from Novozymes Digital Transformation team, who will show how they approach making selling more digital and share a concrete case on how they work with the organization on growing adoption of digital tools.   


07.30 – Arrival, coffee & light breakfast

08.00 – Intro: Key lessons from the CRM implementation failures of the past decade

08.20 – Case examples: How to make sales more digital without them noticing it.

08.40 – Aino Abrahamsen: How Novozymes drives digital development of sales

09.15 – Final remarks + Q&A

09.30 – End of session

The Commercial Leadership Lounge is a small forum of 20-30 sales, marketing & commercial excellence leaders, responsible for driving sales performance and development in large B2B enterprises.  

Mikkel Bach-Andersen

Mikkel Bach-Andersen


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Aino Abrahamsen

Aino Abrahamsen

Digital Transformation Manager at Novozymes

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1260 Copenhagen


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