Building the Marketing Machine


As B2B buyers go digital and marketing plays an increasingly important role as a growth driver and partner to sales

The time for marketing transformation is now


Strategy & Foundation

  • Value Proposition Engineering
  • Brand Platform Design
  • Marketing Strategy Development
  • Strategy Process Implementation

People, Process & Technology

  • Organizational Design & Marketing Restructing
  • Structuring of marketing processes
  • Structure & Strengthen Collaboration with Sales
  • Marketing Automation Platform Implementation

Transformation support

  • Marketing Transformation Roadmap
  • CMO support in Leading Change
  • Marketing Transformation Office

CEOs and boards are looking to marketers to manage and measure more touchpoints and actively drive revenue. The challenge is that many CEOs still aren’t seeing the impact. As an example of this, a study of 1,200 CEOs showed that 80% of CEOs don’t really trust their marketing team and are not impressed by the work being done.

The question is, how can marketers move out of the valley of unmet expectations and truly position their function as a revenue center”

– Mikkel Bach-Andersen, The Marketing Machine

Mikkel Bach-Andersen

Mikkel Bach-Andersen

Partner, Kvadrant Consulting


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